Zootopia Quotes


Recently Zootopia just caught my attention and I couldn’t pick up almost anything said by Yax the yak. My eyes glazed over when he talked because of the laid-back tone and new vocabulary. His quotes could be found online, and no wonder that I couldn’t understand most of what he said.

“You know I am going to hit the pause button right there because we’re good on bunny scout cookies”

“These dudes have some questions about Emmitt the Otter.”

“Been coming to your class for like 6 years?”

“He was here a couple weeks ago, remember?”


(Left: corduroy, a ridged form of velvet)
(Right: velvet)

“Yeah, he was wearing a green cable-knitted sweater vest and a new pair of Corduroy slacks. Oh, and a Paisley tie, sweet Windsor knot. Real tight. Remember that, Nangi?”

(Paisley is an ornamental design, the paisley pattern.)
(Cable-knitting is taught in the video below.)

“Yeah, we both walked him out and he got into this big old white car with a silver trim. Needed a tune-up, the third cylinder wasn’t firing. Remember that, Nangi?”

“Oh, for sure. It was 29THD03.”

“Told you Nangi has a mind like a steel trap.”


Coriander/ Cilantro/Chinese parsley

Coriander, Cilantro, and Chinese parsley are considered interchangeable on Wikipedia. If you are eating oyster noodles in Taiwan, the cook always adds leaves of the plant on top of your noodles. However, some people don’t like the taste of it and opt to pick it out.

In the video above, coriander is seeds of the plant coriander, and cilantro leaves and stems of the same plant in America; the seeds, however, are called coriander seeds, and leaves and stems coriander in the UK and Australia. Names in the veggies world are complex.


Oyster omelets

I have always wanted to describe famous Taiwanese street foods, and learn some English through writing about them. The first one comes to my mind is oyster omelets, and the above video teaching how to make them shows up first in my search, so I put it on the blog.

I believe everyone knows what omelets are. Omelets have stuffing wrapped in a layer of fried egg, and oyster omelets are actually made with chopped greens, a beaten egg, and oysters, on top of a layer of batter. The vegetable can be lettuce, bok choy, crown daisy or A-choy (the one used in the video).

A website says that bok choy and A-choy are all lettuce, so I may say, “You can put any kind of lettuce in an oyster omelet” if someone asks me about how to do it. The variety of vegetables baffled me. As far as vegetables are concerned, I can’t even recognize many of them. It is not practical to spend too much time knowing them in English. Having said that, I might pay more attention to their names next time I go to a market labeling greens in English.







Something about Taichung Windsor

taxi overtaking bus

Windsor Hotel offers free one-way shuttle services to Taichung high speed railway station and the Fengjia night market. The services follow a timetable. On the past weekend, after waiting 20 mins at the front door, we ended up taking a taxi to the night market, the fair paid by the hotel. The same situation happened the next day when we were going back to Taichung high speed railway station: the hotel kept us waiting in the cold lobby which turned freezing when the doors opened. A taxi showed up at the specified time.

Why the hotel made us wait baffled me. Probably the hotel was afraid that it would have ended up paying taxi fares for many customers if the service hadn’t adhered to the timetable; probably the services were offered by another company and the contract was breached; probably the shuttle bus was inoperative. Regardless of the reason, we could have set off earlier and would have been more satisfied with the service.



close up court courthouse hammer

The government of Canada routinely purchases luxurious cars from Tesla, Mercedes, and Porsche to test their emissions and the performance of their batteries in the cold climate. The policy was introduced to maintain independence from the companies related to motor businesses. All the testing imposes no destruction on the vehicles. Those cars are auctioned off on GCSurplus, sort of a government run eBay, and go to the highest bidder. The government defends its decision to buy the vehicles as remodeling a rental car is prohibited.

The city government of Taipei also established a website to auction off unnecessary goods. It is a pity that I, however, can’t find any luxurious items on it.


Marathon runners caught cheating

photo of woman wearing pair of black nike running shoes

More than 16,000 participants joined the Shenzhen half marathon on November 25, 2018. As many as 237 runners caught taking shortcuts face a 2-year ban from the event. The 18 others wearing fake bibs, as well as the three imposters, could be banned for lifetime.

It is surprising to hear this news on Global News. I ran a 5-km race before and took a shortcut because I hadn’t trained enough; that was a blatant cheating. I should have just quit the race instead of going for the finish line. Some of my friends are amateur marathon runners and enjoy marathon races. One time one of them couldn’t show up in a race; his friend, a shameless impostor, ran for him with his bib. I should suggest they not do this in the future as well.


258 runners caught taking shortcuts, cheating at Shenzhen Half-Marathon



How to count corn?

Attending an English activity the past weekend gave me several questions, one of which was about corn.

I asked the question online to decide how I was going to count corn in the future.

In the left picture, I will say, ‘how many cornstalks(stalks) are there in the field?’

In the right, there are too many ears to count.

As for bread, I will use slice; may I have one more slice, please. 🙂